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The Nanny MBA


Welcome! As the lead instructor, I'm thrilled to invite you on this transformative journey designed to unlock your full potential as a top-notch nanny for the 1% of the population. In this comprehensive course, we'll dive deep into every aspect of being an exceptional nanny, from crafting the perfect resume to mastering the art of interviews and landing your dream position in fully staffed homes. You'll learn the insider secrets that set you apart in a competitive industry and showcase your skills to elite families worldwide. Throughout our 12-week program, we'll cover essential topics like the psychology of parenting, reading the room, and the legal aspects every nanny should know. Moreover, we'll explore the power of setting healthy boundaries and fostering meaningful relationships with both parents and children. But it's not all work and no play here at The Nanny MBA! We keep the atmosphere light, friendly, and fun while providing you with the knowledge and tools to excel in your nanny career. Our sessions, and engaging discussions, ensure a learning experience that will leave you inspired and confident. Whether you're an experienced nanny looking to level up or just starting your journey in the world of childcare, this course is tailored to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. So, if you're ready to become the Mary Poppins of nannies and embark on a rewarding career that makes a difference in children's lives, join us at The Nanny MBA. See you in class! Candi

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