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Questions about the Nanny MBA

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Hi! I am just hearing about this and would love to know more. Who put this course together? What are the credentials of the creators? I'm not familiar with The Experienced Nanny; are there other brands or companies that back or recommend this new course? Who is this course targeted to? Is this for newer nannies or career nannies? What motivated you to create this specific program? What all does it cover? Is the course/content accredited by or affiliated with any organizations? Will parents/families/agencies recognize the brand/company/school issuing the certificate? What does MBA stand for (I know it's not a Masters of Business Admin, which is what MBA means to me)! Are there reviews from nannies who have taken the course? What have been their biggest take-aways and successes after taking the course? Is there a guarantee or refund if people do not like the content? What sets this program apart from alternatives? I love continuing education, but $500-$1500 is significant for my budget, so I'd like to learn more about it, first. Thank you so much!

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