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Questions about the Nanny MBA

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You have been asking Who is The Experienced Nanny?

Hi, I'm Candi, a highly experienced nanny with over thirty years of international nannying experience. I have worked with high-profile and ultra-high-net-worth families in the UK, Europe, and the USA. In 2017, she was named International Nanny of the Year by the International Nanny Association.

My career choice was driven by my passion for working one-on-one with babies and children and my love for travel. I am highly qualified, with credentials such as N.N.E.B. (National Nursery Examination Board) qualification as a nanny, newborn care specialist, potty trainer, sleep consultant, and a B.A. from Anglia Ruskin University in the UK. Additionally, I am a trained Montessori teacher.

While I used to work hands-on as a nanny, I am now based in Northern California with my husband and have transitioned into a consulting role. I offer my expertise to families, nannies, and family offices worldwide, providing practical, professional, and customized solutions for childcare-related challenges. My extensive experience and success in helping numerous families make me a valuable resource in the childcare industry.

I have taken my expertise a step further by creating the Nanny MBA course, designed to assist nannies who are either entering or currently working in the world of high-net-worth (HNW), ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW), and high-profile (HP) families. This course provides valuable training and insights tailored to the unique demands of working in these exclusive environments.

In addition to the Nanny MBA course, I have launched the Private-Staffing job board. This platform is dedicated to the private service industry and is a valuable resource for job seekers and employers seeking qualified staff for private service roles. Whether you are looking for a position in the private service sector or seeking to hire top-tier talent, the Private-Staffing job board offers a platform to connect with the right opportunities and candidates.

My commitment to sharing my knowledge and experience benefits nannies and families and contributes to the professional development and growth of the private service industry as a whole.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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