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Nannying 101: How My Nanny Training Prepared Me for the Job

Updated: Feb 15

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Join me on a trip down memory lane as I unveil the intricate journey that led me to become a nanny. Leaving the familiar shores of Italy, I ventured into the unknown, to Eastbourne, Sussex, to undertake the transformative N.N.E.B. (Nursery Nurse Examination Board) course. This marks the beginning of my nanny odyssey—an adventure that shaped my career and left an indelible mark on my life.

Leaving Familiar Grounds: From Italy to Eastbourne

A Solo Expedition

Leaving high school in Italy, I took a leap of faith and moved to Eastbourne, Sussex, to pursue my dream of becoming a nanny. This marked a shift in my education and the first time I lived overseas on my own. The journey was a blend of excitement, nerves, and the anticipation of new experiences.

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Adapting to New Horizons

Enrolling in the two-year N.N.E.B. course in August, I faced the challenge of making friends in a new country, adapting to English teaching styles, and living with a host family and fellow students. The dynamics of schedules and rhythms became part of my daily routine, teaching me resilience and flexibility.

The N.N.E.B. Course: A Holistic Approach to Childcare

Comprehensive Curriculum

The N.N.E.B. course encompassed an exhaustive curriculum covering everything related to children from conception to age 7. Subjects ranged from health, nutrition, psychology, and child development to emotional and social development, first aid, sewing, communication, play, and family dynamics. The 6-week classroom sessions alternated with 6-week practical training, immersing me in real-world scenarios.

Diverse Practical Training

Practical training took me to various settings, including schools, nurseries, hospitals, and Special Education Needs Schools. Experiences ranged from working with newborns to seven-year-olds, each placement offering unique insights. Spending 12 weeks in a Maternity Ward, I witnessed the miracle of childbirth and assisted mothers with breastfeeding, briefly contemplating a shift towards becoming a Midwife.

Intensity and Antique Prams

The intensity of the course was palpable, with tutors expecting high standards from students. Unusual tasks, like walking around campus with an empty, oversized antique pram, added a touch of humor to the seriousness. Navigating those mammoth prams required a skill set akin to driving!

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The Evolution of Nanny Training

Changing Landscape

Although no longer in existence, the N.N.E.B. course left a lasting legacy. In carrying forward similar values, Norland College plays a pivotal role in continuing the tradition. Dr. Janet Rose, Principal of Norland, echoes some of these principles, emphasizing the timeless nature of quality nanny training.

Present-day Nanny Training

In the current landscape, Norland College has opened its doors to international students, expanding the reach of nanny education. Alternatively, in the USA, formal nanny training schools have yet to take a prominent place. My YouTube Channel features insightful discussions with the Principal of Norland and two current students, shedding light on the evolving landscape of nanny training.

Recognition and Achievement

Earning the Student of the Year Award upon graduation marked a significant achievement. It symbolized the acknowledgment of the hard work invested and the recognition of my commitment to excellence in the field of childcare.

A Curious Inquiry: Your Nanny Journey

Share Your Path

Reflecting on my journey, I'm eager to hear about yours. How did you embark on your nanny career, and which training paths have you undertaken? The world of nannying is diverse, and every journey adds a unique chapter to the collective nanny narrative.

In closing, this journey from Italy to Eastbourne represents not just a career choice but a tapestry of experiences that shaped me as a nanny. Whether you're starting your journey or reflecting on the miles covered, remember that each step contributes to the rich mosaic of the nanny profession. Let's continue this conversation—share your stories, challenges, and triumphs.

Until next time, happy nannying!

Author: Candi VajanaAward-winning Nanny with over 30 years of experience working with High-Profile, High-Net-Worth, and Ultra-high-Net-Worth Clients



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