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The Realities of Working with High Net-Worth Families

Updated: Feb 15

Behind the Glamour Overcoming Loneliness and Isolation as a Nanny

Working as a nanny can often be an isolating and lonely experience. However, the situation becomes even more pronounced when you work with high-profile families. While popular media often portrays nannies in these settings as glamorous jet-setters, the truth is that the reality is far from what the world believes. Let's delve into the misconceptions surrounding nannies working with High Net Worth (HNW) families and shed light on the challenges.

HNW Nannies: Beyond the Glitz and Glamour

Nannies who work with HNW families may indeed receive six-figure salaries. However, their daily demands go far beyond the typical 9-to-5 job. As a nanny in this setting, you'll likely work long hours, including nights, and may even have rotating shifts with another nanny. Managing the ever-changing dynamics of the family and coordinating with a team of outside contractors further complicates the job. Responsibilities extend beyond caring for the children to handling doctor visits, school choices, parent-teacher conferences, and more – often with minimal parental involvement.

The Loneliness of the Role

Working as a nanny can be isolating, even in the best circumstances. Without actively seeking social connections, we may find ourselves solely conversing with the children throughout the day. However, when working with HNW families, the loneliness intensifies. Forming friendships or conversing with other adults becomes challenging, as discussing job-related matters is often off-limits. Even if you have a team of colleagues, confidentiality agreements prevent open dialogue about work experiences, creating an interesting dynamic.

The Feeling of Invisibility

The nature of the role in an HNW setting can make us feel invisible as if we exist behind a foggy pane of glass. I've experienced situations where my passport remained unstamped upon entering foreign countries, visited stunning locations without anyone knowing, and attended significant events where my name wasn't even on the guest list. This invisibility stems from our primary purpose: to ensure the smooth operation of our charges' lives, to support them, and to deliver exceptional care to the children and their extended families.

The Complexities of Confidentiality

As a nanny for HNW families, strict confidentiality rules govern our actions. While this is in the best interest of the families we serve, it adds another layer of difficulty to forming relationships and seeking support. We may have extraordinary experiences, from meeting world leaders to dining with royalty, but we cannot discuss these moments with others. The compensation we receive encompasses the need for privacy and confidentiality, a crucial aspect to respect.

Navigating the HNW World: Insights and Advice

If you are considering a position with an HNW family, it's essential to keep the following points in mind:

  1. Compensation and Sacrifices: You will likely be well-compensated, but be prepared to sacrifice aspects of your personal life.

  2. Increasing Responsibilities: Higher pay often comes with increased demands. Be ready to handle a broader range of tasks and responsibilities.

  3. Privacy and Confidentiality: Understand that respecting the family's need for privacy is crucial. Strict confidentiality rules apply, and discussing household matters is strictly off-limits.

  4. Adjusting to Formality: Many HNW families maintain a formal atmosphere, which may require adjustment.

Advice for Nannies Entering the HNW World:

  • Stay organized and be prepared for any situation.

  • Develop a thick skin, and don't take things personally.

  • Be assertive in navigating the challenges that may arise.

  • Above all, remember to have fun in your role!

Sharing Your Experiences

If you resonate with these sentiments or have differing views to share, I encourage you to leave a comment here. It's crucial to foster a supportive community where we can connect, exchange stories, and support one another.

Let's shed light on the realities of being a nanny in the HNW world and build a stronger, united community.

I am launching a course about these topics soon. If interested, email us for more details at The subject line should be Course!

Till next time, hugs and smiles!

Author: Candi Vajana

Award-winning Nanny with over 30 years of experience working with High-Profile, High-Net-Worth, and Ultra-high-Net-Worth Clients



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