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The Ultimate Guide to Navigating the Nanny Galaxy: Lessons Learned from a 30-Year Odyssey

Updated: Feb 15

Embark on a journey through the vast universe of nannying with "The Ultimate Guide to Navigating the Nanny Galaxy."

Embark on a journey through three decades of my nanny career—a path that has taken me across continents, into various households, and through diverse challenges and joys. From Bruxelles to Vienna, Houston to London, and California, my career in childcare has been an adventure marked by growth, exploration, and a myriad of experiences.

Belgian square with restaurants

The Early Years: Bruxelles and Italy

A Belgian Beginning

In 1992, my journey commenced in the heart of Bruxelles, Belgium. Nurturing a single child, I lived with the family, forging a unique bond that lasted a year. Loneliness, fueled by language barriers, eventually gave way to a thriving social life, transforming my Bruxelles experience into an unforgettable chapter.

Italian Interlude

Italy beckoned next, offering a different cultural backdrop and a change in dynamics. Working for a family with one child, I lived in an apartment graciously provided by the family, conveniently located within the same building. Despite some challenges leading to an early resignation, the experience laid the groundwork for future endeavors.

Across the Pond: Houston, Texas

A Texan Tale

My journey then took me across the Atlantic to Houston, Texas. The lack of internet meant my introduction to the family was limited to Dad, an aunt, and Grandma. The Texan arrival plunged me into the aftermath of a harrowing flood, with gas lines bursting into flames, creating a view from the plane that was both horrifying and unsettling. As if that wasn't enough, the customs officers added an extra layer of stress to my arrival. The position with a family of three children, shaped by warmth and connection, became a cherished part of my career.

Water on fire due to oil spill

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The London Interlude

A British Rendezvous

London beckoned, offering a stint in a nanny share scenario—two babies, two mothers, and a perpetual juggling act. Challenges were abundant as the little ones reached milestones in tandem, creating a dynamic and vibrant environment.

Return to Houston: School Director and More

Texan Encore

Back in Houston, my career took an educational turn. From a lead teacher for infants to the Director of a Montessori school, my role evolved within the realm of education. Concurrently, I continued my tenure with the Texan family, creating a balance between academic and childcare pursuits.

European Sojourn: Vienna, Austria

A Viennese Chapter

Vienna called with an opportunity to care for three children in a rota nanny role. Extensive travel marked this chapter, where my role extended beyond typical hours. Living in for several years, I became a part of the family dynamics and cultural experiences.

A Swift Transition

Simultaneously, a new family in Vienna sought my services as they welcomed a newborn. Although the tenure was short-lived due to their relocation, it added another layer to my diverse career.

California Calling

Golden State Adventure

A headhunting call led me to California, where I embraced a rota position caring for a young child. The West Coast offered new challenges and experiences, and I found myself deeply rooted in the familial rhythm.

Children rolling dough at the kitchen table

Multiple Children, Multiple Adventures

Dynamic Family Dynamics

Transitioning to a family with multiple children but a primary focus on one, my role became a delicate dance of extensive travel and rota responsibilities. Living in during work shifts and out during off times, this phase added yet another dimension to my career.

Thirty Years Later: Reflecting on the Odyssey

A Milestone Reflection

And here we are, three decades into the odyssey. Sensitivity and NDAs prevent me from sharing the intricate details of my roles, but the essence of my journey lies in the multitude of households, the laughter of children, and the growth accompanying each adventure.

As I reflect on these thirty years, I extend an invitation to you. Share your nanny journey or aspirations, whether you're just starting or have decades under your belt. The childcare galaxy is vast, and every nanny's story adds a unique constellation to its tapestry. Let's continue this conversation—where do you see your career progressing? I'm eager to hear from you.

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Till next time, hugs and smiles xo

Author: Candi VajanaAward-winning Nanny with over 30 years of experience working with High-Profile, High-Net-Worth, and Ultra-high-Net-Worth Clients



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